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Versatile Door Hardware in Mobile, Alabama

door hardware
Doors may seem simple but in reality, they are complex systems. To work properly, each door needs the correct hardware for each individual system. Talking to a Door Specialist expert can clarify what you will require to make your entryways more functional. Call us today.

Quality Door Hardware Is Essential

Our door hardware includes everything that you need to build new doors and keep old ones working smoothly. We can also help you ensure that you are choosing the right items for any Mobile, Alabama, setup, so getting started on your repair or installation is effortless.
Are you tired of noisy entryways that seem to reflect and amplify any little sound, with doors that screech at every movement? Replace your hinges with one of our long-lasting silent options. Let authorized visitors get in and out faster with our specialty exit devices, or lower your energy bills by installing our automatic door closers to stop air from escaping.
No matter what your property improvement goals are, we can help you achieve them.

The Ultimate in Door Hardware Functionality

In the world of custom facility design, the little details matter. In addition to hardened locksets, the Door Specialist’s hardware collection includes add-ons designed to deliver superior usability.
Our kick and push plates simplify usage and protect your door investment from abuse. When it comes to tough weatherization, our door sweeps and weather stripping are all it takes to create an energy-efficient seal. We even stock specialized storefront hardware that makes it simpler to customize your entryways to meet your style and accommodate customers.
Upgrade a threshold, replace your locksets, or make your building easier for guests to enter efficiently and affordably. Door Specialist lets you surround yourself with more functional fixtures and quality fittings that will not let you down even after millions of openings and closings. Call now to chat with one of our Mobile, Alabama, professionals and let us help you find the perfect equipment to match your style and needs.